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Михаил Слободин, генеральный директор «Вымпелкома», о борьбе с кризисом и своей миссии 

Декан экономического факультета МГУ Александр Аузан призывает не воевать, а сближаться9


About Vedomosti

Our Mission

Business daily Vedomosti is a unique project. Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading business newspapers, joined their efforts to bring it to life. Together with the largest Russian publishing house Sanoma Independent Media, they have been publishing Vedomosti since 1999.

Vedomosti sees its mission in providing readers with timely, detailed and objective coverage. More than 100 journalists in Moscow and regions of Russia, with the help of reporters of Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal’s international networks, inform readers on a daily basis about the most important economic, political, financial and corporate events, offering an in-depth analysis and forecasts.


Publisher: Mikhail Doubik
Managing Director: Gleb Prozorov
Advertising: Tatiana Sazhina
Marketing Director: Jamilya Iskandyarova


Editor-in-Chief: Tatiana Lysova
Chief editor: Simakov Dmitry

Vedomosti.ru Chief editor: Derbilova Ekaterina

Section editors:
Economics: Filipp Sterkin
Politics: Maxim Glikin
Opinion Page: Maxim Trudolyubov
Industry&Energy: Alexandra Terenteva
Finances: Dmitry Kazmin
Consumer Market: Anfisa Voronina
Technology/Telecommunications: Igor Tsoukanov
Management: Inna Kravchenko
Personal Account: Lyudmila Koval
Foreign Desk: Mikhail Overchenko
Culture: Pyotr Pospelov
Regional Pages: Natalia Zhukova

Editors of supplements:
Real Estate: Elena Nikitina
How to Spend It: Julia Vasilieva
Pyatnitsa: Alexandra Livergant


Average annual circulation, copies
Source: Vedomosti

Average annual circulation, copies


Address: Polkovaya ul., 3 str. 1, Moscow, 127018.
Tel.+7 (495) 232–32–00

E-mail: Vedomosti@imedia.ru


All the transactions from foreign counterparties are subject for currency control regulation of Russian Federation

According to Russian Сurrency Сontrol Regulation the following actions are compulsory:

1. to provide us with signed copy of the contract not less than 10 days before the date of publication or the date of payment (which date is earlier)
2. to provide us with signed copy of act of acceptance within 10 days after the end of the month in which the publication takes place
3. to execute the payment not later than the due date stated in the invoice

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