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Михаил Слободин, генеральный директор «Вымпелкома», о борьбе с кризисом и своей миссии 

Декан экономического факультета МГУ Александр Аузан призывает не воевать, а сближаться9

Subscription abroad

Over 200 firms, which are connected with the closed joint-stock company «MK Periodika» by the long-term deals, conduct the work on distribution of Russian, Commonwealth of Independent States and of Baltic States periodicals abroad. You can register subscription for newspapers officially for you and your foreign friends and relatives with delivery abroad and to any country of the world. To do this you can apply directly to the closed joint-stock company «MK Periodika» or to its counteragents in many countries in the world. You will be informed about addresses of counteragents as soon as you apply for subscription. These agencies will always help you to choose periodicals you need and to register subscription.

Orders for periodicals may be sent by:

Contacts in Moscow

111524, Moscow, Elektrodnaya street, 10 ZAO «MK Periodika»

+7 (495) 672–70–42
+7 (495) 306–37–57 (fax)
e-mail: export@periodicals.ru; info@periodicals.ru


All the transactions from foreign counterparties are subject for currency control regulation of Russian Federation

According to Russian Сurrency Сontrol Regulation the following actions are compulsory:

1. to provide us with signed copy of the contract not less than 10 days before the date of publication or the date of payment (which date is earlier)
2. to provide us with signed copy of act of acceptance within 10 days after the end of the month in which the publication takes place
3. to execute the payment not later than the due date stated in the invoice

Effective advertising solutions. Vedomosti daily in business format (pdf; 1,9 Mb)

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